What next?

Okay so by now you know that I passed my license exam. So, what do I do next. For now I’m focusing on getting my 3000 supervised hours. Right now I’m a few hundred in. The hours seem to come so slowly but I’m not discouraged. It will happen. Can I keep up my momentum for the time it will take? I love the process. I love my work. In addition I’m going to take some trainings and read to keep my mind busy. Right now I’m reading “the body keeps the score. ” it’s a nice read. Getting used to the idea of being so close to my goal really feels surreal.


I passed!

Yes, I passed the nce. There is an overwhelming feeling of calm and relief over me. It was such a long time coming. Truthfully, I feared that I would fail. The dream of becoming an lpc has been so out of reach for so long. Then, in less than a year, my whole life has changed and I’m right on track to meet my goal in a reasonable amount of time. The Lord is good! His way of thinking is not like our own. I’m so grateful that he is making a way.


So tomorrow is the big day that I take my exam. I have been studying hard and I think I may be ready. It’s been a long time coming. Tomorrow its supposed to be cold and snowy. Don’t worry, I do well under pressure. I will share how it goes when I get my results. Until next time…pray for me!

Rounding out 2018

The year is coming to a close and I’ve been in deep contemplation about what I set out to do with my life this year. For the most part I made a lot of progress. However, I could not have done it alone. My family played a large role and were very supportive. There were times I wanted to throw in the towel. But, just then in would come a supportive call or message from someone I love telling me not to quit. For that I’m truly thankful.

On to goals for 2019. My long term goals are set. I cant say that I’m not nervous about one of them in particular. But, the time is going to pass anyway. I’m going to continue to get older. Therefore, I might as well go for it.

As I move further towards my goal of becoming a LPC, the hours are collecting and the supervision is happening. I’m attending group supervision as well. There I am loving my job and then I remember that I gave myself a limited amount of time to remain a part time worker. What’s the obvious next move? A full time position? Change of plan? A decision has to be made.

I’ve learned a lot this year and made a lot of new friends. It baffles me when I look back at all the continuing education that I did this year. At, least it helped me to choose trauma as my niche. I love being a trauma therapist and I’m really doing the work. It makes me feel confident that I am making the right choices as I am doing this work.

When 2018 started out it was like a call to action and I did not feel nearly as confident as I do in my skill now. So…into 2019 I go with all the skills that I’ve learned and friends that I have made. Will the next year be as much of a roller coaster ride as the last? Well, I hope not. Only the Lord knows. What I can say is that it was well worth the wait and the greatest come back year that I’ve had so far.

Bad days at the office….

So…yesterday was eventful. I found myself in a dangerous position with a new client. Afterwards, I debriefed with my Clinical Supervisor. She was very understanding and supportive. By the way, she always is understanding and supportive. She’s great that way. Afterwards I went home and I couldn’t seem to get it out of my head. I went to bed feeling uneasy. Therefore, when I woke up this morning I was determined to practice some self care. Today was going to be an easy day at the office. As it turns out, it actually went fairly well. I talked things over with my Supervisor for licensure. She gave me some great feedback. Because it was a rainy day things were pretty slow. There was time to chew the fat with colleagues and get that all important iced coffee. I left the office early and treated my girls to burgers and fries. Now I’m sitting back with my feet up talking to you. Self care really is important.

Obstacles along the way…

Like in any other journey, I have learned that there will be obstacles along the way to becoming a LPC. The biggest of them all may be the supervision process. I have to get 3000 supervised hours within 2-6 years. Supervision can be expensive, really expensive. If you are fortunate you can find a position that provides you with it free of charge. However, there are some obstacles that come with these positions. Lower pay is one of the them. High productivity expectations and poor work environments. I have been fortunate enough to find a position that provides free supervision. It is also very supportive. The productivity expectations are not too high. So what is the obstacle? You guessed it, low pay. I am forced to decide if the great work environment and free supervision is worth the struggle for the next 2-3 years. The jury is still out. I have to work regardless, so I might as well pursue my goal. That’s right. I am maintaining the delicate balance of self care, family, and career along with everything else in my busy life on a dime. Pray for me.